What time period was the Oriental influence on floral design?

The Renaissance Period (1400-1600) was a time of great artistic and cultural development in Europe. During this period, the influence of the Orient was strongly felt in the area of floral design. The Orient was known for its emphasis on balance and harmony, and this was reflected in the floral designs of the Renaissance.

Fruits and foliage were used to create beautiful and harmonious floral designs. This was especially true of Christmas wreaths, which became popular during this period. The wreaths were decorated with fruits, flowers, and foliage, and were used to symbolize the coming of the Christmas season.

The Renaissance also saw the development of a new style of floral design, known as “symmetrical balance”. This style featured symmetrical patterns of flowers and foliage, which were used to create a sense of harmony and balance. This style of floral design was used to decorate churches, palaces, and other public buildings.

The Oriental influence on floral design during the Renaissance was a major factor in the development of modern floral design. The emphasis on balance and harmony, as well as the use of fruits and foliage, were key elements of this style. This influence can still be seen in modern floral designs, and it is a testament to the lasting impact of the Renaissance.

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