What is Oriental floral design?

Oriental floral design is a style of flower arrangement that originated in China and Japan. It is characterized by a linear style that emphasizes the negative spaces, floral forms, and textures used in the arrangement. The main focus of Oriental floral design is on the appearance of the arrangement, rather than on the meaning of the flowers used.

In Oriental floral design, the emphasis is on the use of natural materials such as branches, leaves, and flowers. The arrangement is usually symmetrical, with the flowers arranged in a line or circle. The negative spaces between the flowers are important, as they create a sense of balance and harmony. The flowers used are often large and showy, and the arrangement is often quite elaborate.

In addition to the use of natural materials, Oriental floral design also often includes the use of man-made materials such as ribbons, paper, and fabric. These materials are used to create a more complex design, and to add texture and color to the arrangement.

Oriental floral design is a popular choice for weddings and other special occasions. It is a beautiful and elegant way to express feelings of love and joy. It is also a great way to bring a touch of the Orient to any home or office.

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