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The Ultimate Guide to Product Photography

The Ultimate Guide to Product Photography, Retouch and Composite with Aaron Nace and Ross Floyd.

About this Class

For more than a decade, Ross Floyd has developed his skills and knowledge of product photography working with dozens of clients and taking over 70,000 professional images. In this tutorial, he breaks down the theory and fundamentals of lighting objects, how to accurately represent products in an image, and the business side of the building and maintaining strong client relationships.

Think of your favorite bag or piece of furniture. What is it you like most about it? Maybe it’s the texture and feel of the materials. Maybe it’s the unique shape or design. Maybe it’s the small details and craftsmanship. We teach you how to express these ideas and more through the tools and techniques of photography.

How to Retouch & Composite Product Photography
How to Retouch & Composite Product Photography

Capturing great product photos is only half the battle. In this tutorial, join Ross Floyd and Aaron Nace as they walk you through 10 professional product photo edits from start to finish. You will learn to cut out objects, create clean backgrounds, remove blemishes and distractions, sculpt and reshape products, and explore advanced techniques like frequency separation and dodging & burning.

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