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SFX February 2019

SFX February 2019

Earth’s greatest sci-fi and fantasy magazine. They cover all areas of sci-fi and fantasy across TV, movies, books, games, collectibles and comics. A purchase to SFX magazine brings you news, features, exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes stories, star profiles and TV episode guides with every issue. All this stuff makes us the market-leading genre magazine.

SFX Magazine is one of the best selling science fiction and fantasy magazines. Published by Future Publishing, every issue of this monthly magazine downloads provides the reader with essential and informative news on topics related to sci-fi and fantasy. It covers all areas of sci-fi and fantasy from TV, movies, books, collectibles, games and comics.

You can find all the latest news, up to date information, in-depth and extensive features, exclusive and inspiring interviews, authoritative and independent reviews, TV episode guides, exciting competitions and lots more. The entire team working behind the success of SFX magazine has specialist knowledge and a keen interest in sci-fi and fantasy. With all these ingredients SFX magazine has become one of the most popular and well-recognized titles of its kind in Britain.

In every issue of SFX, you'll find:
  • The best (and worst) in sci-fi, fantasy and horror entertainment.
  • TV, movies, comics, books, games, merch and more; we cover it!
  • Regular reader opinions; our subscribers make their mark on the pages of SFX
This Issue Covers With

The war is over. The wounds have had a dermal regenerator run over them. The medals have been awarded. The Federation/Klingon conflict is history – thanks to a hydro-bomb nestled deep in the knobbly-browed aliens’ homeworld. But there’s no time for the crew of the USS Discovery to rest on their laurels. A new fourteen episode mission lies ahead, one which takes the series into really dangerous territory: risking the wrath of fans by recreating three more of the franchise’s historic characters – one of whom is arguably Trek’s greatest icon.

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