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Photography Starter Kit For Canon Dslr Beginners

Photography Starter Kit For Canon DSLR Beginners

Learn the Basics & Control Your Camera Like a Pro.
What you'll learn
  • Create Desired photo results understanding how the camera settings affect the outcome of the photograph.
  • Understand the Different Camera Modes. Menus and buttons
  • Choose the right lens
  • Selecting the right focus mode
  • Choosing the Right White Balance
  • Lightroom by Adobe was used to show the power of Raw Files vs Jpeg. You can download if you want to follow along.

Learn The Important Functions of your Canon DSLR

In Photography Starter Kit for Canon DSLR Beginners, you will learn the most essential functions of your camera and more importantly taught how to put this useful knowledge into action. You’ll get the swing of basic photographic terminology and absolutely feel prepared to move on to more advanced classes.

You will gain a solid understanding of must know focusing and composition techniques. How to work with White Balance, Mode Dial Settings, Picture profiles, the benefits of Raw vs Jpeg and more. Corey will guide you through the entire beginner process of thinking like a photographer which helps you take the best photo possible with the Canon camera you have right now.

The course is made up of mostly video lectures on camera mixed in with real-life examples to help show and drill in the material being taught. This course is over an hour of power material to help you get a full understanding of the functions of the camera

This beginner photography training has the unique ability to translate otherwise over complicated idea’s in photography to simple to learn concepts. Finally, take awesome photographs with the complete understanding that it’s not just about the camera alone, but your understanding of how to control it.

Course Outline:
  1. The Camera- introduction tour of all the major features of the camera. Beginner’s intro to the functions, menu options and buttons of your Canon DSLR camera.
  2. The Lens- Learn how different lens affects the outcome of the photo.
  3. Focusing- Never suffer from blurry photos again. The most important element in getting sharp images.
  4. Mode Dial- This includes the automatic and manual setting modes. The Goal is to shoot in manual mode.
  5. White Balance- Changing and shifting color with Live Color temperature sample
  6. Raw vs Jpeg Explained- We compare images save in jpeg format vs raw format to see which is better in live example.
  7. Picture Styles- how color-tone effects the outcome of your photo.
  8. Composition with Perspective- How to position items within your frame to get the most pleasing results.
  9. Lighting a Subject- How to start to thinking like a Photographer seeing the light to create desired results.
Who this course is for:
  • This course is meant for beginners that need an introduction to Canon’s Menu System, buttons and dials
  • Students that learn better from visual examples should take this course.
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