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Morph: Bursting 3D Shapes

Morph: Bursting 3D Shapes

A set of 12 bursting 3D shapes on transparent backgrounds. These 3D shapes have an energetic vibe, evoking feelings of excitement and movement. They will work great for a variety of projects, like packaging design, concert posters, album art and more. Since these resources are super high resolution, they’ll work great in print or web graphics. Use the full pieces or crop in close on the gorgeous macro details. Since each piece is on a transparent background, you can easily layer them with text and other artwork and objects.

BONUS PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES Also included is a set of Photoshop brushes made from the textures so you can easily build and create your own custom abstract textures.

Morph: Bursting 3D Shapes
Morph: Bursting 3D Shapes

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