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Baugasm™ Series #1 – Create Experimental Gradients and Posters

Baugasm™ Series #1 – Create Experimental Gradients and Posters

About This Class

This class is based on one of the techniques used to design for Baugasm Posters In this class you are going to learn how to create gradients in Illustrator and shape them in Photoshop. Hopefully, after this class, you will be able to reproduce this technique to recreate posters and designs with your own imagination.

Project Description

As an assignment for this class, I would really like to see what you can achieve with this technique and create your own posters. Guidelines:

  • Use Illustrator to create the gradients.
  • Use Photoshop to Shape it and style it.

If you are stuck on anything I will be able to provide some help and feedback.

Course Content
  1. Intro 0:51
  2. Project 5:07
  3. Poster overview 1:02
  4. Creating Gradient 10:51
  5. Creating Gradient Shapes 13:12
  6. Finalizing 1:52
Course Content Details 

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